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GDPR Compliance!

Remove 3rd partie cookies from begin on until user gives consents.

Get complient with data regulations and the GDPR in the EU, in a few simple steps. Reduce your chance to get a legal fine because of using Analytics tools and marketing tools.

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Blocks the big companies

Big Companies: Google, Facebook, Adobe Supports EU´s GDPR - General Data Protaction Regulation
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We are scanning your website automatically

Full automatic script blocking

You don´t have to hasle with finding all third party scripts you want to use one your site. Let us handle it by scanning your website.

A simple integration for your Website

Simple integration

Integration made easy. Copy and paste two lines of code. 1) The banner and 2) the config script with a link to your Privacy policy.

We are scanning your website automatically

Open source

Our cookie banner is a open source project everybody can integrate our solution, for free.

We are scanning your website automatically

Use your design

We support your own cookiebanner designs that matches better with your branding, except settings page. Choose to support your own design with our underline technology, of scanning your website automatically.

Big Companies: Google, Facebook, Adobe

Blocks the big companies

Our cookie banner is blocking from begin on all mayor tracking codes like e.g.

  • Google Analytics & ads
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Twitter ads & social plugins
  • Facebook Pixel & social plugins
  • Matomo
  • Amazon Adservice
  • and many more...
Scanning your Website for 3rd party scripts

We are scanning your Website

Third party scripts, like Google Analytics, Facebook pixel or Twitter, we catching and sending them into "Jail" until YOUR user gives consents to specific types of cookies like:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Twitter Ads
  • Mailchimp

See the magic happen

Get instant cleaner code for the browser to process. We clean your code up so your website feels more responsive.

Intastellar Consents Platform New

Via our consents platform you´re will be able to get a detail look into your users interaction with cookie consents, taking on your Website / Websites.

Keep track over all your Websites you´ve integrated our Cookie Consents Solution. Add all your domains to your Organisation on our platform, and keep track of user consents across all your Websites, in 1 Place.

See how each country is behaving across your Websites, with our cookie banner.

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Intastellar CookieBot Coming soon

a part of Intastellar Consents Platform

We have developed a cookie bot scanner. Let your Website check for first and third partie cookies by our cookie bot.

Our bot scans your entire Website and looks after cookies, that are being set in the moment your user is visiting your Website.

GDPR Shield

Protects users rights & data

With our solution you´re protecting your visitors personal data & rights in regulation of EU´s General Data Protection Regulation.

Wordpress Logo

WordPress Support

Our solution can easely be integrated to your existing WordPress website.

Wordpress Admin panel for Intastellar Solutions´ GDPR Cookiebanner

We have made it simple for personal blogs or small companies who operates in the EU to integrate a reliable cookie consents. With our solution you as a personal blog can get easy GDPR compliante with our solution. Download & install our WordPress plugin on your Website and add a privacy policy and you will be GDPR conform.

So don´t wait and

Download today or Read documentation

Waits on user consents

Our cookiebanner blocks all analytics, functional & marketing cookies until the user gives consents, and the key feature is you as Website owner don´t need to do anything other then install our WordPress plugin or install our JavaScript solution on your Website.

GDPR Cookiebanner

Become today GDPR ready!

We´re helping you getting GDPR Compliance regarding to cookies on your Website

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